1. Easy connection, saving installation time and cost.

2.Compatible with CAN / RS485 communication interface.

3.Scalable battery design for easy expansion.

4.Life up to 10 years.

Application scenario

Technical parameter

Datasheet SE3K-E-1 SE3.6K-E-1 SE5K-E-1 SE7.5K-E-1
Max. Input Power(W) 3900 4800 6500 9000
Max. PV Voltage(V) 580
MPPT Range(V) 120-550
Max. PV Voltage(V) 400
Max. Input Current(A) 13*2 13*2 13*2 16*2
 AC Output
Rated output voltage(V) 230
Rated output power(W) 3000 3600 5000 7500
Rated output Current(A) 13.5A 16A 23A 34
  Backup Output
Rated output voltage(V) 230 (±2%)
Rated output frequency(Hz) 50/60HZ (±0.2% )
Rated output power(W) 3000 3600 4600 6500
Rated output Current(A) 13A 15 20A 29A
THDU <3%
  Battery input
Rated battery voltage(V) 48
Battery voltage range(V) 40V-60V
Max. Charge Current(A) 80A ( 5~80A Can be set up or according to the BMS requirements )
Max. Discharge Current(A) 80A 100A 140A
Max. efficiency(PV ) 97.60%
Max. efficiency(Battery) 94.50%
European efficiency 97.00%
weight(KG) 28KG 35KG
Dimension(W*H*Dmm) 600/1500/210
Protection class IP65

Case recommendation

We’re experts in electric vehicle charging station installations around China in many different settings. We can install a wall or post-mounted EV Chargers, charging station for on-street parking, payment systems and back-office support, Electric Vehicle charging stations in garages, carports and driveways and can integrate with solar PV systems or energy storage system so people can charge their electric vehicles using renewable energy.
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